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Historical Accounts of the Tri-state Area

About The Trains



In 1897, Matt Burts rode into Cochise County, Arizona from New Mexico and secured work on cattle ranches in Sulphur Springs Valley, where he quickly earned a reputation as a tough but competent cowhand. He also became acquainted with Burt Alvord and Billy Stiles, the Constable of Willcox (AZ) and his Deputy. His riendship with Constable Alvord and his Deputy involved Burts in a train robbery that resulted in his serving a term in Yuma prison. After his release from the penitentiary Burts followed a path of violence and confrontational behavior that culminated in his death some three decades later when he was killed during a mysterious gunfight in California. (see more)

Milltown Train


The Mohave and Milltown Railway was a narrow-gauge private railroad built in 1903* to serve the Leland Gold Mine near Oatman, Arizona, USA. The railway was incorporated in 1903 and construction of the 17-mile (27 km) line was completed that same year. The railway started on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, across the state line from Needles, California. From the Colorado River the railway went northeast through Milltown and terminated at the Leland Mine, Vivian Mine and the Midnight Mine (near Oatman). (see more)