• Our volunteers are knowledgeable and helpful about the research materials available at our museum.
  • Materials in our archives include:
    ~ An extensive collection of historic photographs;
    ~ Various books and publications, including back issues of theĀ Journal of Arizona History;
    ~ A growing library of recordings of speeches at our museum and oral histories, which we will transcribe as volunteer help is available;
    ~ Written information about the history of places in the Tri-State area and the people who have populated it, including magazine and newspaper articles collected over the years;
    ~ Displays, artifacts, and memorabilia.
  • Researchers may find materials of interest in our archives about the following:
    ~ The history of the Colorado River and the building of Davis Dam;
    ~ Native Americans in the prehistoric period to date in the Tri-State area;
    ~ Early inhabitants and exploration of the Tri-State area;
    ~ The founding and history of communities in the Tri-State area, particularly Hardyville/Bullhead City and South Point/Laughlin;
    ~ Mining in the Tri-State area;
    ~ The history of the Laughlin casinos;
    ~ People who have lived in the Tri-State area, including such personalities as William Hardy and Don Laughlin;
    ~ The history of Fort Mojave;
    ~ Places of interest in the Tri-State area, such as Spirit Mountain, Grapevine Canyon, Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery, Route 66, and other historical and tourist sites.