We hope you are all as excited as we are about the extra space the Colorado River Museum will have with the completion of Phase 2 of the Colorado River Museum at Community Park. The construction project, now underway, is expected to be completed around the first of January 2020. It will add an additional approximately 1,560 sq. ft. of usable space.

We still have a fair amount of museum property and many artifacts in storage at the old museum location (the church house) that we have no room for currently at the new museum. Phase 2 will allow us to bring more of our holdings to the new premises.

Our lease on the old museum still runs for two years, so we have not had an immediate problem with storage, but we will be holding yard sales over the next several months to get rid of assets which we will not use in the new location. Our archivists Cheryl Mangin and Richard Dotson are are making assessments now as to the items that should be retained and those we will not take with us.

The museum floor plan, shown here, is by general contractor Larry Adams, Pueblo Construction Company. Phase 2 is the left portion of the plan divided by a vertical wall running the length of the museum.

There is a Phase 3 planned for the new museum, but it is not yet on the drawing board and will require major donations or fundraising before it can be implemented.